Fido would surely know that you love him when you sneak an extra piece of steak from your dinner for him or throw the ball for him to catch or even let him lick your face even when you’ve just washed. But is that the best and only ways you should be following to show Fido you care? They certainly aren’t. Caring for Fido goes beyond, and it has responsibilities that you should take seriously. Here are some of them.

Exercise with Fido

Exercising is something you should be doing in the first place. It has many benefits that it would bring, including that toned body and killer abs. But when you bring Fido along, this entire working out process would be much more fun and beneficial for the two of you. Dogs need to constantly be on their feet, running and moving from place to place. And when they are stuck within the four walls of their kennel or your home, there is only very little space for them to move about. This could lead to them not getting the right amount of exercise. Not having enough exercise causes obesity issues not only for humans but for dogs as well. So make sure that you try to take Fido with you as well to give him the exercise he needs!

Give Fido the Right Food

Just like humans need to be taking the right food, dogs too need the right food to be strong and nourished. Many volunteers that work at pounds know how important it is that these animals get the right food. And so they may even donate dog food Singapore. While such volunteers take that kind of care for dogs they don’t own, you too should be concerned about what you feed your dog. Dog food are manufactured with different ingredients, of different calorie counts and even different flavors and brands. So when you are choosing from these make sure that you consider Fido’s breed, his age, any allergies etc.

Visit the Vet

There are certain shots that Fido or any dog needs to be taking, to remain fit and strong. Visiting the vet is also necessary to check him for any possible complications as well. Doing so would help you detect such complications at an early stage and solve them once and for all. It could also save a lot of money you may have to spend in future, once the intensity of such complications increases. So do make an effort to visit the vet at least once a month for a thorough checkup and get the right shots at the right time!

Groom Fido

Make sure that you give Fido a bath as regularly as possible. Clipping his nails would allow him to walk better, brushing his teeth could prevent bad breath and combing his fur could prevent hair loss, so make an effort and do them for him. Only then would Fido appeal each and every one who visits your home!

Use the above tips and care for Fido better!