If you are a self-proclaimed animal lover we understand that you would want to know everything about them. However, when it comes to certain animals we already have a certain preconception about them in our minds. For instance, black cats are generally associated with bad luck and have been for generations. We understand that they are also used as symbols to signify Halloween. But there are countless individuals in the world who believe that black cats bring about bad luck. Thus, many individuals go on to believe this conception. But shouldn’t we know more about these magnificent animals before placing them on trial?

How Did They Receive Their Reputation

We have all heard stories about the evil nature of black cats. We know that they are considered to be closely associated with witches. Therefore that is why to this day they continue to be a popular costume choice on Halloween. But when you go on to think about it you would realize that you don’t know the reason for this reputation.  Therefore when you look at the history you would see their reputation dates back to the Middle Ages. This is where they were initially associated with Satan and black magic. Furthermore, just like Professor McGonagall who’s animagus form was a cat. People believed that black cats were actually witches who had taken an animal form. However, we understand that you may think that this reputation belongs to the prehistoric times. But many of you may not have known that black cats are not put up for adoption in October. That is because there is a general consensus that they would be sacrificed by Satanic followers.

Black Cats Bring Luck

After reading the above paragraph you would obviously assume that black cats only bring bad luck. But that is not technically true. There are many reported cases in histories where British sailors brought black cats with them when they sailed. You may think that they took this action in order to protect the ship from rats. But that is not true. These sailors vehemently believed that these cats would bring them good luck. Furthermore, they also thought that with these animals on board their safe return to their families would be guaranteed. However, this belief does not only extend to sailors. Even today many Britishers believe that if a black cat comes across their path it would bring them luck.

It does not matter whether you believe me or not. But what matters is that there are two sides to this story. Therefore you should not simply disregard black cats as evil creatures.