Your dog is the window to your soul. It’s easy to judge someone based on their dog’s behavior. It tells us how you, the owner, are as a person- I mean what kind of person would want their dog barking at everyone? An animal! That’s why you need to get your pup trained, and I don’t mean do it yourself through the internet, no, I mean professional help. It’s truly worth it.

You Are NOT A Professional

You are not a professional. That’s right, let that sink in. Watching tutorials all day does not make you an expert. That is why you wouldn’t know the severe consequences you may be putting your puppy into if you aren’t careful with your at home methods. Most of the time, owners tend to misuse a technique called ‘positive and negative reinforcement’, where you train an animal to show desired behavior by either rewarding good behavior or punishing bad behavior; giving your pup a snack every time he gives you his paw and scolding him whenever he urinates inside the house.

Seems easy right? No. A lot of pups get traumatized by the severity of punishment the owner may negatively reinforce as they wouldn’t know what way to correctly punish their dog. Moreover, for some dogs, loud scolding when they do wrong, although quite subtle, may be enough to permanently scar them. You wouldn’t want that now, would you? For positive reinforcement, owners may reach a plateau, not using enough positivity to reinforce good behavior, resulting in wasting all your doggy treats for nothing! This is why you need a professional trainer. Why? Because they watch your dog’s every move, allowing for a training plan individually tailored for your pup’s needs, and not the pup in the YouTube video you just watched. Isn’t that enough reason to enrol today?

Not All Dogs Are The Same

The above paragraph went into this a little but allow me to explain this in detail – No two dogs are alike. The dog in the tutorial you’re watching is not your beloved Rex. The same techniques and time the mystery dog on YouTube took to get trained most of the time, would not match your own dog’s. It’s simple. They have two different types of thinking, like any human being. Some dogs may be a bit smarter, and some… not so much.  This will be sure to result in you getting frustrated as what you’re doing is not working. The feeling is common. A lot of dog owners feel this way when they first get around training their puppy.

It’s not just that, but some dog breeds are known to be difficult to train compared to others. Imagine researching tutorials and articles on how to train your pup and they use the easiest dog to train as an example, a golden retriever. But you? Your dog’s breed is known to be quite hard to train in comparison.

So, are you convinced yet? Hopefully, you will make the right decision.