If you have a dog in your house more likely than not you would be treating him/her as your own child. This means not only taking care of them when they are sick. But also taking precautions in order to prevent them from getting sick. However, accomplishing this task is not as easy as it sounds. We understand that there is an array of vaccinations for dogs. But apart from getting them vaccinated what can you do? Vaccinations only go on to prevent sicknesses it does nothing to prevent injuries. But dogs are ordinarily adventurous animals. Therefore they are likely to suffer an injury or two in their life. However, while you may be hard pressed to prevent them you can educate yourself about them.

Eye Injury

We all know how important eyes our that’s why we protect them at all cost. However, unfortunately, dogs did not get this memo. Therefore when they run around your garden or when they run in the park they may run too close to plants. This, therefore, causes plant life to contaminate they eyes. Furthermore, we all know that dogs arch enemy swats them in their eyes when confronted. Thus, you can now see how much eyes are susceptible to suffering from injuries. Therefore that is why we recommend you to close the windows when you are taking your dog out for a ride. Otherwise, when they hang their head out the window they can get dirt in their eyes. However, we also understand that many of you may be petrified that you would not see the signs. That is the signs of an eye injury. But you should not worry. That is because it would be very difficult to ignore red eyes or swelled up eyes. But you also need to understand that eye injuries can become critical quickly. Therefore without trying to treat it yourself, you should seek medical help.

Oral Injuries

Dogs are like little children in many ways. For instance similarly to children dogs also put everything they find in their mouth. This can become dangerous very quickly. That is because if they try to swallow a sharp big bone it can easily injure their tongue and throat. Furthermore, certain items can also get lodged in their throat. In such an instance if you can see the item in their mouth you should immediately remove it. However, we understand that there are certain instances when items may get really lodged in their mouth. In that case, you should immediately take them to a vet. That is because they would then have theequipment to remove these items without causing further harm.

We understand how easily dogs can become a part of your family. Therefore you should do everything you can to ensure their safety and health.