Sometimes when your children want a pet there is an excuse that you tell them. That is that you don’t have enough space to raise a dog or a cat. When they start crying you attempt to appeal to their humane side. You do this by telling them it would be cruel to raise a dog when there is no space for them to run around. Furthermore, we understand that you may not even have children. Instead, this would be an excuse you keep telling yourself. However, you need to realize that the term ‘ Pets’ don’t only cover dogs and cats. Instead, there are countless other animals that you can adopt or purchase. Furthermore, we understand that you have a point when you say that there is no space. That is why it is critical for you to consider animals that would thrive in a small space.


If you always wanted a furry friend but had no space for a dog a hamster would be your ideal option. That is because these animals are the size of a mouse. Furthermore, unlike dogs, a hamster’s cage is considerably smaller. Therefore it is even possible to keep this cage in a corner of your room. Furthermore, there are also things called ‘Hamster Wheels’. These can be easily installed into the Hamster’s cage. Thereafter the hamster can run on it in order to obtain the exercise he/she may require. Furthermore, after some time you can even take the hamster out and let it run free.

Frogs & Toads

If you are a Harry Potter fan you may have always wanted your very own Hedwig. But unfortunately, it is illegal to raise owls as pets. But this rule does not extend to frogs and toads. Therefore you can easily go on to raise your very own Trevor. That is because both frogs and toads are considerably small when compared to other animals. However, we understand that there are aquatic animals. Therefore you may have to purchase an aquarium for them. But this too can be small in size and you can easily set it up in your room. However, before you purchase a toad or a frog you need to understand that there are various types. Therefore it is crucial for you to do your research before making a purchase. That is because different types of frogs and toads have different requirements. For instance, unlike other frogs, a tree frog would require a taller tank.

We understand that when you thought of pets you may have always thought of a dog or a cat. But that does not mean that you should strike these animals altogether. They too can make great companions.