If you ever had a dog you know how true the statement they are man’s best friend is. Furthermore, you may also be aware of how loyal they can be. But do you sometimes feel that they tolerate you because they are loyal to you? Do they sometimes have an expression on their face that signifies those thoughts? Well if you ever had this thought then you are correct. That is because there are countless human behaviours that dogs tolerate simply because they love their humans. When you hear this statement we understand that many of you would wish to avoid this behaviour. This is because this is the simplest thing you can do for your most loyal companion.

Dog Don’t’ Like To Be Hugged

If you are anything like me then you most common way of greeting your dog would be to hug them. This is understandable because most humans show their affection through hugs. But many of may not have realized that placing your arms around their necks is conceived as a threat. Therefore if you are meeting a dog for the first time then it is better to avoid hugging them. But you may now say that your dog loves hugs. However, you need to determine whether they love them or tolerate them. Some pets tolerate them because they are given by their favourite human.Therefore make sure to understand what your dog’s feelings are about hugging. For instance, if the dog growls or leans away from you that is a clear sign that they don’t want to be hugged. But there are also other dogs who love to be hugged. In that case, it is normally advisable for one to give their dogs gentle hugs without squeezing the life out of them.

They Don’t Like To Be Yelled At

No one’s dog is perfect. In many instances, they may misbehave. However, the answer to this problem is not yelling at them. We understand that he may have been using your Christian Louboutin as a chew toy. But yelling at them about it would not make sense because they would not understand what you are saying. It is true that they may sense your emotions. However, if your dog is naturally fearful of the world yelling at him would worsen the problem. That is because they would get even more scared of you.

Ultimately you need to understand that dogs can’t tell you that they are uncomfortable. Hence, then it is your duty to educate yourself. Furthermore, you should also learn to read their behaviour. You would then be able to gain insight easily.