For most people, their home is empty without a dog. In fact, as we all know, dogs are friendly animals that can take your boredom away and fill your house with joy and happiness. However, no matter how exciting this may sound, owning a dog also comes with heaps of responsibilities. Unlike other types of pets, dogs require a lot of attention, love and care for them to grow in a happy and comfortable manner. Therefore, if you are wondering how to make sure your dog lives a happy life in your house, pay attention to the below four factors.

Good Company

Dogs are different to pets such as cats who are very independent. Dogs are likely to feel low and down if they feel as if they don’t have any company. Also, dogs are very sensitive animals and they crave for human touch in order to feel loved and cared for. Therefore, if you are planning to adopt a dog, you need to make sure you can make time for him even through your busy schedules. If not, chances are that he will grow up to feel very lonely and inactive.


This is another important factor to pay attention to as a dog owner. Dogs are likely to run around and play and due to this, they are more prone to dirt and germs. Hence, this can give rise to bacteria and cause illnesses. Therefore, you need to give your dog a good bath at least once in two weeks and don’t forget to buy best Australian dog shampoo products to make sure you get rid of all the bacteria and germs in his fur.

Go For a Walk

Dogs like to explore different environments and it is very unfair if you decide to trap him inside the house. Make sure to take your dog for a walk once in a while and it can help him to feel active in an environment outside your house. Take him to a park and observe how he interacts with other dogs. However, make sure never to leave him in an unknown place as they tend to get very nervous and get lost. You should also take a ball or a few dog toys with you where he will be able to freely move around and play with them.


You need to pay close attention to your dog’s meals as dog’s can be very fussy when it comes to certain types of meals. You can test a number of dog food and see which one he likes better. However, no matter what kind of food you feed the dog, you need to ensure that it is nutritious and wonthave any negative health effects. You can also ask the vet if to suggest the best type of food with the right type of nutrients for your dog.

Thus, you can easily achieve the goal of being your dog’s hero if you simply take some time to close attention to the above four factors.