Most of the time we don’t purchase or adopt a pet after careful research. instead, we tend to rely on the information that we have heard. But many of you may not have known that most of this information is not true at all. Instead, they are myths or misconceptions that are far from the truth as you can possibly get. Thus, the question in everyone’s mind is what is true and what is false. Therefore that is where we come in.

Cats & Dogs Are Enemies

When we think of dogs and cats we tend to think of a Tom & Jerry situation. Therefore due to this reason, many dog owners shy away from owning a cat. Thus, in the same way, this can also apply to cat owners. But this statement has been held to be a myth by many animal lovers. That is because many pet owners have claimed that they own affectionate cat and dog duos.  However, if you are planning on introducing a cat to a household full of dogs you should take some precautions. This means introducing them slowly to each other. That is because then they would have time to get used to each other.

Cat’s Don’t Need Much Care

When compared to dogs we all think that cats are more independent. This is an extremely true fact. However, this does not mean that they don’t need love and care. When a cat is domesticated they begin to rely on their human for love and affection. This means not only placing a bowl of food for them. But also ensuring they are vaccinated. Furthermore, we know that cats like to wander about. But as their owner, it is still your responsibility to ensure they return home safely. Therefore when you think about it you would see that cats are not low maintenance animals.

You Should Declaw Your Cat

If you own a dog or have owned a dog you know how important it is to trim their nails. Thus, this is something that many of us do on a regular basis.  That is because once the nails become too long they find it difficult to walk. Therefore due to this reason many individuals seem to think that cats too should be declawed. That is because they think that declawing is something like trimming their nails. But they cannot be more wrong if they tried. In reality, declawing is a form of surgical amputation. This is where the first joint of the cat’s toes are cut. This thus applies to each toe. Hence, you can understand how painful and unnecessary this procedure would be for cats.

Therefore if you own a cat or is planning to own one this is one article that you should definitely read. That is because it would open up your mind about what cats are truly like.