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Getting to Know Australia’s Geelong Cats Football Club

Geelong Cats Football Club or more popularly known as the Cats is one of Australia’s oldest and most popular football rules club. They have played thousands of games and have helped in the establishment and creation of Australian football. Through their 158 years of existence, there were hundreds of players for the team. Some of them became popular not just in Australia but all over the globe too. There are numerous information on the internet about Geelong’s players and other staffs; however, there are limited information known about the club itself. This article is solely dedicated in getting to know the famed Geelong Cats Football Club.


Since the Cats have been known to exist for over one century, they come in traditional style. Their Guernsey is a traditional navy blue and white hooped. This has been worn since their beginnings in the mid 1800’s. The design is supposed to represent the blue water of the Corio Bay and the white seagulls. This may have originated in the olden times but the outcome is still very classy and worth-wearing.


Just like any other teams and clubs, Geelong also has their own. The title is “We are Geelong”. This is often sung after a game had been won by the team. The tune is based from the Toreador from Carmen. The beautiful lyrics were written by former premiership player John Watts. Since time is very limited, only the first verse is sung during matches and after victory. The song being used by the club right now was the one recorded by the Fable Singers in April 1972. The lyrics of the song are indeed very meaningful. We highly recommend you listen to them.


Have you ever wondered where the team’s office is located? Well, this is located in their home stadium, Kardinia Park. This is where they also train during the season. They also have an alternate training venue, Deakin University’s Elite Sport Precinct. The mentioned location features an MCG-sized oval and is often used by the club before pre-seasons when their home stadium is being used for other events.

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